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Zero Tolerance

Children mirror their parents, and the influences of outsiders, like grandparents, relatives, or daily help. According to my mum, and for this reason she opted to restrict my dad’s mum from just turning up uninvited, and the way her mother-in-law used to try to persuade her what to do with her little ones.

From a new generation, my mother wanted to bring me and my three brothers up the way she felt was right, based on her upbringing and the inspirations she felt were best for her children. Fair play when you come to think of it. Back in those days, my parents didn’t have the luxury of a maid, not that they wanted one because British people like their independence.

After seventeen years as a technical drawer for a wartime factory, she became a full-time housewife. She was a great mum and we never went without even though there was only one wage coming in from my father. Clothes were often passed down from one brother to another, but that was acceptable. Nowadays, few people can afford to live off one salary.

This presents a problem for parents, as they need to shuffle their schedules around children’s routines like feeding, schooling, going to the doctors and medical assistance, and everything else that crams in a child’s day. It means there can be bad influences, as having a busy career means leaving the kids in the care of others. This dependence can be fine, but often other experts share unwanted opinions, show different moods which could be contrary to the way parents want their children raised.

It is very difficult for mothers who are often forced to fend for their offspring while looking after their children’s interests when they shoulder all the pressure of an active day. My congratulations and appreciation for today’s mothers and those of the past who have had the responsibility to handle the pressure. I salute you!

Take care!

Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Fend (v) = resist, stand, protect, oppose, secure

Shuffle (v) = make, rearrange, reorder, mix up, jumble up, muddle up

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