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The Big Kahuna

The big kahuna was a man on a mission to do things his way or the highway. In other words, his ego outshone his political role. He stood tall, chin up, smirking most of the time while cheesy when he smiled.

BK was loud mouthed and cocky to say the least. He had to have his way, or else he would whine about whatever it was that he wanted. If others didn’t agree and do what he wanted, he’d start a tantrum. His outbursts would stir up everybody. Some would fall for his constant blame game whilst others were sick and tired of him.

Either way, being loathed or worshiped he couldn’t help his boisterous manner. In some ways, this energetic shield of arrogance captivated his followers who flocked to him like a crowd of sheep. His enthusiasm swept those wanting reform. His rugged good looks apart from his teeth swept people looking for someone to follow, a person to lead them, a man on a mission to change the game!

This man “The Big Kahuna” had had several wives and many offspring. He seemed as though he was a Sultan of swing. He was set in his ways, like a bull in a china shop: carelessly aiming to upset those who listened to his contempt. No wonder he paid a fortune to have his teeth sorted out afterwards.

Judging by his persona he gave the impression that he knew best although the majority disagreed. Democracy, fortunately saved us, even though his followers would say he is one of us. There are still some who doubt the authenticity of his bank accounts!

Can anyone guess who he is? LOL!

All the best!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Kahuna (n) = (in Hawaii) a wise man or shaman. USA an important person; the person in charge. "One big kahuna runs the whole show." Or (in surfing) a very large wave.

Outshone (v) past tense of to outshine. (syn) surpassed, outdid, outdone, outperformed, outstripped, beat, overtook, overtaken, do better than

Smirking (v) = sneering, leering, grinning, simpering

Cheesy (adj) = tacky, unpleasant, cheap, tasteless, vulgar, loud, naff, tawdry, (ant) tasteful, stylish

Cocky (adj) = smug, arrogant, boastful, brash, self-assured, self-confident, swaggering, conceited, overconfident

Whine (n) = complain, moan, wail, cry, scream

Tantrum (n) = outburst, fit, fret, sulk, rage, paroxysm, frenzy, fit of temper

Loathed (adj) = hated, detested, despised, unloved, unpopular, (ant) loved

Boisterous (adj) = energetic, lively, active, animated, rowdy, unruly, noisy, overexcited, over-the-top. (ant) placid

Sultan of swing = from the 80s British rock band, Dire Straits. Sultans were Turkish kings or rulers who had palaces with harems full of women to choose from hence Sultans of swing are out and about for their own pleasure.

A bull in a china shop (idiom) = if someone is like a bull in a china shop, they are very careless in the way that they move or behave: We told her it was a delicate situation but she went into the meeting like a bull in a china shop. Inability and awkwardness. In other words, a person who doesn’t think before speaking.

Contempt (n) = disdain, dislike, disrespect, disapproval, scorn, hatred, (ant) admiration

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