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Spiritual Cleansing

Unless we are truly dumb then why fight? There must be a better way! Perhaps, spiritual wellness which is accepting what we have while appreciating our circumstances, enables us to be better human beings. If we concentrate on our wellbeing and spiritual level notably then we attract goodness.

There are many components to our overall health and wellbeing, including physical, mental and emotional. However, one important aspect that can often be overlooked is spiritual cleansing which adds to overall spiritual wellbeing. Coupled to an active lifestyle it gives purpose and meaning to why we are here by striving for consistency in our values and actions.

A spiritually healthy person has a clear purpose in life and is able to reflect on the meaning of events. They also have clearly defined ideas of right and wrong and are able to act accordingly. Some people follow specific religious practices while others may pursue a general sense of harmony and self-awareness.

For me, harmony and self-awareness provide an extraterrestrial comfort knowing everything is being done in accordance with need and desire, and that destiny is a natural occurrence based on my input. Whatever, the outcome I can rest assured that spiritually succinct efforts have been made to appease the almighty power, whatever it is. A good omen as far as I’m concerned.

Living in such tranquility with neighbors means avoiding incompatibility, but even if it exists there is a ring of calmness like a karma ring which provides the spiritual notion of “what goes around comes around”. This ring (see picture) will inspire the wearer to live a life full of good deeds and in so doing will receive the same in return.

Those with good spiritual health typically display hope, a positive outlook, forgiveness/self-acceptance, commitment, meaning and purpose, a sense of self-worth, clear values, and feelings of peace. Not bad, indeed, as people may need to reevaluate their spiritual health to avoid feelings of emptiness, anxiety, loss of meaning, self-judgment, unimportance and conflicting values.

Maintaining good health is vital with aging. Having an appreciation of those in less favorable circumstances is paramount to making the world a better place to live. The more people that get into sync make the world a better place to live together.

Have a terrific day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Dumb (adj) = a foolish person, most commonly used as an adjective meaning stupid or unintelligent. That was a dumb decision. I'm too dumb to pass the final. But it's also slang. In these cases, it means 'very'.

Succinct (adj) = concise, neat, crisp, pithy, brief, to the point, short and snappy

Omen (n) = sign, premonition, prophecy, portent, warning

Get into sync (idiom) = in a state in which two or more people or things move or happen together at the same time and speed.

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