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Sound Decisions

Atualizado: 24 de abr. de 2023

Someone once told me that we do everything for a reason, and that made sense while growing up. Nonetheless, I want to kick myself in the backside for eating too much regularly or drinking alcohol, sometimes day after day, even if it isn’t a lot which makes me realize the damage is harming my body in an inharmonious way.

Making sound decisions are what shape our future results. They prepare us for a good life, a long lifespan and potentially the ultimate healthspan. On that basis everything is about balance and having control over the bad factors while improving longevity.

Ideally, having well-suited relationships, working-out, not stressing out, eating and drinking the healthy options, going to bed early and getting a good night’s sleep should work wonders. However, there are many more things one can do to capture life’s beauty!

Have you ever noticed how these situations are influenced by timeouts, letting go of the usual strict control, and knowingly abuse ourselves while thinking that it is a necessary evil to unwind? What are people prepared to do when they must know deep down, they shouldn’t be doing it? Whatever it is they know it could have been handled differently, but instead punish themselves by abusing their bodies.

A relationship that has gone wrong is likely to worsen unless radical decisions are made, or our partner suddenly turns a new leaf. A boring job can only get worse unless we either look for another one or change our circumstances and emotional state. In other words, we are able to control the way we react, the way we deal with matters, and ultimately broaden our prospective by finding better ways to cope in society.

The bottom line is it’s easy to just lay back and let go of principles to chill out. How many famous personalities have overdosed because they lose control on drugs like heroin or whatever, or go on benders?

My challenge to you then is to help each other become better persons by learning how to relax; turn off the TV, music, and other disturbances that can be avoided, and finding a quiet spot to sit down and reflect on the appreciation of being alive and well.

Take care!

Prof. Carl

Vocabulary builder:

Sound Decision-making. Taking the time to fully explore the options and possible outcomes of decisions, including discussions and reflections from others, makes for better and deeper decisions.

Inharmonious way = out of sync, contrasting, differing

Lifespan (n) = lifecycle, lifetime, life expectancy, duration of life, existence, “During my lifespan I’m going to purchase a motorhome and spend six months travelling around Europe.”

Healthspan (n) = Living a healthy lifespan i.e., having minimal health problems during one’s life until death.

Longevity (n) permanency, permanence, durability, endurance, long life, prolonged existence

Timeout (n) = break, rest, breather, respite, relaxation, recreation

Bender (n) = commonly known as drinking excessively and losing all inhibitions (self-consciousness), (syn) spree, binge, splurge

Turn a new leaf (idiom) = to alter your behavior in a positive way, or to start fresh, or to change course.

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