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Smartphones at smart prices

Atualizado: 26 de out. de 2022

Well-designed products make life easier. Not only do they look good and serve their purpose, but they also coincide with absolute flow to provide painless transition and first-rate service.

One startup recently launched in the United Kingdom which sees the bigger picture is Doji, a smartphone facilitator for turnkey mobile; buy and sell bartering that streamlines the multi-billion dollar used mobile phones market. It’s a front runner and potentially could be the world’s number one system for buying and selling used mobiles.

Possibly better than Amazon, e-Bay, and Mercado Livre, Doji’s customers use its platform to buy good to mint condition used android or iOS smartphones, and at the same time, if they wish, can sell their used mobile. Doji is a turnkey platform that facilitates buyers and sellers with a team of highly qualified technicians who help the turnaround process. The company employees take pride in their obligations, and for an expanding enterprise they deal with matters enthusiastically to constantly improve their service.

Many of the used mobile phones currently obtainable via Doji are the latest designed products with cutting-edge while ultramodern technology. Though new ones are being marketed worldwide, prices are much more than used ones via Doji. Doji mobiles are like new, perfectly selected to provide high quality usage. As the company grows, it is likely to spread its wings towards worldwide expansion.

A $17 billion worth market was reached in 2016 with 50% year‑on‑year growth in units since then. Due to the pandemic and subsequent disasters the used smartphone market is forecast to grow four to five times faster than the new smartphone market. And therefore, refurbished and used mobile phones is projected to increase from $ 49.9 billion in 2020 to $ 143.8 billion by 2031.

With these figures in mind, it is clear to see that Doji has massive potential. Early seed money to develop the firm came spontaneously, and venture capitalists would be wise to join forces to ride the wave of their success.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

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Vocabulary builder:

Turnkey (n) jailor, jailer, prison guard. As an adjective (adj) = of or involving the provision of a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use. "Turnkey systems for telecommunications customers" Doji is a turnkey platform that facilitates buyers and sellers of used mobile phones.

Bartering (v) = exchanging, trading, switching, swapping, negotiating, bargaining, haggling

Turnaround process (n) = is akin to a restructuring process where the entity converts the period of loss into one of profitability and success while stabilizing its future. In investing, the term can mean the amount of elapsed time between the placing and fulfilling of an order.

Wave (n) upsurge, trend, breaker, roller

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