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A woman loves her daughter. She bonded from birth. Her child grew up with loving care. Unfortunately, the woman worked for long hours, often away from home, so she relied on her family to help out. Dire circumstances often get the better of us.

Selfishness means egocentric greediness of a person who puts their own life at the forefront. Self-interest though is acceptable because life gets in the way and creates a wall of difficulty which has to be worked around to achieve the success required. We need to adjust in order to succeed which is different from simply avoiding responsibility.

If sacrifices are not made then needs are often not met. A selfish person is often prepared to sacrifice their lifestyle for the good of others. Take the mother as an example; she needed to work and participate wholeheartedly for her wellbeing as well as her daughters.

Greed then is close to selfishness, and in today’s society is a quality needed to get on. No one grew up by just being there. They made the effort to grow and prosper by making sacrifices to have enough time; giving and taking, carving options to transcend from good to better, and ultimately being selfish for reason of desire.

Human beings are incredible. They have the option to survive. Beyond survival they can develop themselves into machine like creatures hungry as predators. Since the beginning of time wars have been fought, battles won, and in the end those who build their future are the ones who thrive.

Take care!

Carl Boniface

Moral of the story: Never take your situation for granted. Continuously aspire to becoming a better person; one who leads by example.

Vocabulary builder:

Greediness (n) = hunger, self-indulgence, craving, appetite, (ant) moderation

Wholeheartedly (adv) = enthusiastically, passionately, totally, (ant) grudgingly

Carving (n) = cutting, engraving, sculpting, shaping, fashioning

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