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Positive Step

Atualizado: 24 de abr. de 2023

Ever wondered why some people are successful and others fail miserably? Or why some unlikely candidates can make it while others who show all the signs of success, fail? If I had a crystal ball then I’d tell you.

Ironically there is no definite formula for success. However, there are loads of experts in every walk of life from CFDs to Forex, energy and climate change, fossil fuel gas emissions, gurus in mind over matter, franchise schemes, and a wide range of money-making techniques. If it was that easy then why do these experts need to make money from selling online courses or by-products from them?

One way I’ve found that works is working on your own wellbeing, eating healthier, training smarter, dedicating time to learning and then applying what works after making judgment calls from so much information currently available in this world of globalization, digital marketing, social media, fast paced and competitive market that everyone’s trying to get something out of. At the worst or really best, your wellbeing should be on track.

I’m not saying don’t try, or not to keep pushing forward for a positive outcome. What I am saying is we learn by the experience, we expect to do well, but as expectations cannot always be met however hard one tries, then to be prepared for failure. Everything negative supplies a positive and vice versa. One should pull out if the feeling is to have exhausted all of one’s resources and drained momentum.

Having had several successful businesses and failures, the learning curve has undergone moments of endurance which has meant seeing things from both sides of the spectrum. During my career keeping fit has been paramount. I can honestly say it is the one thing that has helped me stand up to another day, kept my mindset positive, and kept me on track for future opportunities.

God bless!

Written by Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

CFD = Contract of difference (financial market term)

Forex = Foreign exchange (financial term)

By-product (n) = consequence, in manufacturing an accidental or secondary product, or an unintended but inevitable secondary result.

Momentum (n) = drive, impetus, motion, force (antonym) brake

Spectrum (n) = range, field, band, scale, variety, continuum

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