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Mysterious Man - part nineteen

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

They both came out of the shower after a passionate fling (a quicky). Alfredo felt very good, indeed though worried. He took his towel and dried off hastily, as he had arranged to meet his bank manager. Natalie, wasn’t in a hurry, but she agreed to accompany him on his morning arrangements.

He made sure she was beside him while they got ready. Winking to each other while keeping their candle lights alive. The passion was steaming hot! She dried her hair while he dressed in a light blue two-piece suit, tied up a red and white spotted tie, and put on highly polished shoes.

They chuckled from the sheer pleasure of having spent the night together, but also because they were madly in love, or so it seemed.

Off to the bank they went. On arriving, Alfredo opened the swing doors into the agency, and stepped to the side to allow Natalie to enter. She smiled, and courteously thanked him.

Inside, he walked over to one of the receptionists. Natalie followed him.

On arrival at the receptionist’s desk, “Good morning! Can I help you?”

Spontaneously, he looked straight into her eyes, “Good morning! Yes, I have a meeting with Mr. Levy. Could you point me in the right direction?”

She got up, returned the glare, and said, “Please accompany me!”

She took them to an office where Mr. Levy resided.

Mr. Levy got up, smiled at the couple, and exclaimed, “It’s great to see you. How can I be of service?”

Then Alfredo spilled the beans. “Good to see you Mr. Levy. As you know I’ve been banking with you for years. I am very happy with the way the bank conducts its business.” Then he paused.

Levy, keen to know what the client wanted asked, “Do go on, what do you need?”

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Fling (n) = to have a short sexual relationship with someone: She's been having a fling with her boss.

A quicky (British slang) = quick one. a speedily consumed alcoholic drink. Not cited online “a quicky” can mean a quick fling i.e., sexual encounter done in a hurry.

Tied up (adj) = clasp as in tie-up the tie (make a knot), unavailable, occupied, busy, otherwise engaged

Chuckled (v) = giggled, laughed, laugh quietly, laugh to yourself, laugh inwardly

Glare (n) = stare. It could also mean frown, dirty look, or shine, brightness, shimmer, dazzle, brilliance, gleam, sheen

Resided (v) be present in, lived, inhibited, dwelt

Spill the beans (idiom) = Disclose a secret or reveal something prematurely, as in, “You can count on little Carol to spill the beans about the surprise.” In this colloquial expression, first recorded in 1919, spill means “divulge,” a usage dating from the 1500s.

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