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Mysterious Man - part eighteen

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

After breakfast, Natalie got up, put on her robe, and fought her way over to the shower cubicle to take a shower. Alfredo had clung tenderly to her waist while pulling her in for tight hug. She responded joyfully, as she moved in the direction of the shower.

Cuddling and kissing all the way. Her robe was removed and fell to the ground, all the while he passed his tongue softly over her skin. The temptation was too great for Natalie to endure, as she allowed him to leave her mouthwateringly ready for seduction. He corresponded eagerly by groping her body as if he hadn’t tasted apple pie for ages. Her deliciousness made him feel youthful!

Such a plot demanded results. Alfredo wasn’t about to compromise. He went all the way. Careful moves to entice her misunderstanding and belief they were destined to be together.

He looked intently into her eyes, and told her, “You fulfill me with your magnetic personality, the beauty of your smile, your wonderful disposition, and I am spellbound by your alluring behaviors.” He kept staring, locked with attention to her finer radiant features, and continued, “I’m madly in love with you. Why don’t you move in, so we can share a meaningful relationship?”

Then absolute silence, awaiting her response. Alfredo had learnt that closing deals required tact. Not that this was a deal in the business sense. However, at this moment in time it made absolute sense. That meant only saying enough to close the deal. Not a word more, as overstepping the mark could make the transaction backfire. His pledge to himself was to win under any circumstances.

She paused momentarily, and then got emotional before saying, “Of course, what a great idea. I would really like that!”

Kissing got intense as they both responded positively. This was exactly what Alfredo had been counting on. If he has his way, this deal won’t bite the dust!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Clung (v) = adhered, gripped, stuck, hugged, hung, cohered, cleaved, fit tightly, (ant) let go

Groping (adj) = investigative, examining, probing, feeling, feel around

Fulfill (v) = to satisfy, realize, bring about, make happen, bring to fruition

Pledge (n) = guarantee, collateral, security, advance, pledgee = new member, new comer

Bite the dust (idiom) = If you say that something has bitten the dust, you are emphasizing that it no longer exists or that it has failed.

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