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More Conflict

Atualizado: 25 de mai. de 2023

At a time in history when the world is expanding with a population of almost eight billion human beings, 7,888 billion in 2021 to be precise, continuation of disruptions, more mouths to feed, and distaste to the way things are, then one would think untasteful changes need to be made.

However, at a moment when we should reflect on past atrocities from bickering which often causes more conflict, shouldn’t we be conforming to the way things are and settling for the status quo even if it doesn’t help the world to develop itself?

Why can’t we just sit back and enjoy life, get in touch with our spirituality, and take a few years off of strife. What is so wrong about living the moment peacefully and forgetting the need to keep planning and scheduling changes? Isn’t it more pleasant to live in the comfort of keeping things the way they are and if not liked then accepting them by getting used to the way things are, and concentrating our energies in becoming better people who blend into society?

Two voices that like to be heard are Elon Musk and Mark Cuban who are billionaires as well as respected and admired tech luminaries and entrepreneurs. They both have millions of fans. Currently, their relations seem cold, judging from their exchanges, and recently with Cuban's remarks about Musk. Tesla’s CEO has not yet answered.

Musk, who runs electric-vehicle producer Tesla, acquired the Twitter social network for $44 billion last October. He said he wanted to remake Twitter into a bastion of free speech, a place where nothing is censored and everything can be said so long as it does not violate the law of the state or country in which it is posted.

This laissez-faire approach made Musk a hero among the ranks of Republicans and conservatives, who complained of being muzzled by Twitter 1.0, pre-Musk.

While the Techno King justified his approach as enabling free speech, a number of his critics saw their accounts temporarily suspended, prompting some to ask him to define what free speech is. Cuban even went as far as to say about Musk’s view of Twitter that it is laughable.

At the same time Musk also regularly attacks progressives and their ideologies, environmental social governance policy, gender identity and more, and sometimes gives the impression that they are unwelcome on Twitter.

This discrepancy did not escape Cuban, who pointed it out last December (expand picture above).

The bottom line is that opinions matter, as long as they are controlled reactions. Others should keep their cool, even during heated debate. Collectively we should aspire to improvements that matter!

Have a truly fantastic day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Disruptions (n) = disturbances, commotions, trouble, interruptions, distractions, interferences, disorders

Untasteful (adj) = British English for distasteful which means unpleasant or offensive

Bickering (n) = backbiting, squabbling, wrangling, internal strife, power struggle, arguing, disputing, quarreling

Bastion (n) = stronghold, mainstay, support, defender, upholder, supporter, fortress, citadel, strong hold

Laissez-faire (adj) = noninterventionist, unrestrictive, permissive, freewheeling, lax, hands-off, relaxed, (ant) proactive

Strife (n) = trouble, conflict, discord, contention, fighting, rivalry

Muzzled (v) = silenced, gagged, hushed, quieted, stifled, suppressed, quietened. Put a muzzle on (an animal). "The dog should have been muzzled." Or prevent (a person or group) from expressing their opinions freely. "The politicians want to muzzle us and control what we write."

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