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Message to My Dear Readers,

Today’s short blog is for all aspiring English learners whether dabbling or serious about their future potential.

You can achieve everything you ever wanted when you do whatever you need to do to get there. From making daily decisions to each step taken, significant gains can be made toward desired goals.

It all starts from mindset and having the decisiveness to know what you want. Having the determination and perseverance to go after your dreams will help you stay on track.

However, sitting back and thinking about it is great, but then taking action and getting on the roller coaster is the only way to make it happen.

You know you are more than you are living. You know you are the catalyst to reach stardom. Not only are you sure of yourself, but you are prepared to make the effort, make sacrifices to make it, and then get on the train to utopia!

Roll up your sleeves, comb and grease back your hair, put on your bovver boots, and breathe deep. This is a game changer!

Put on some Garsi and get ready. You know you've got what it takes!

As the music unwinds then feel it, embrace the challenge, set the wheels in motion and ignite your inner fire!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Don't let up, make it happen. The initial attitude is a start, taking action is great though consistency in doing those daily tasks and proactive management are game changers.

Good luck though you don't need it, as your commitment is the winning strategy.

Love and peace to all!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Dabbling (v) = experimenting, puttering, dawdling, mooching, pottering, try your hand, dip into, play at, toy with, have a go at

Stardom (n) = fame, celebrity, prominence, glory, recognition, eminence

Bovver (n) British slang. rowdiness, especially caused by gangs of teenage youths.

Bovver boots (n) = (plural only) (1970s Britain slang) Stout lace-up boots, especially Dr. Martens, perceived to be worn for the purpose of kicking people in fights, and popular with skinheads or other troublemakers out looking for bovver.

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