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Meddling Musk

Some love him for his futuristic business approach and financial success while others aren’t too obsessed by his status. Yes, Musk is successful in Business with Tesla electric cars, Space X, and other businesses, but now after paying out some $44 billion to buy failing Twitter he sticks his nose where it definitely isn’t welcome.

Yes, Bolsonaro supporters are loving his interference with Brazil’s supreme court, the STF as it is known, but then what gives Musk the right to make accusations without knowing the history of the Bolsonaro regime? Yes, Bolsonaro had some good ideas reflected off of Paulo Guedes, the financial minister, but he was outlandish; he felt that his bully tactics had to be adhered to without following constitutional protocol or sticking to normal channels to adjust Brazilian modus operandi, and instead caused confusion, unwanted riots, and grievances that went against the democracy such as in worldwide opinion and way the covid-19 pandemic precautions were handled.

Musk says it will not turn accounts off from social media because it’s free speech. However, hate speech certainly shouldn’t be allowed, as in the 2021 case of Daniel Silveira who attacked the supreme court, said the pandemic was for idiots because it was fraudulent, and then after eventually being sent to prison for causing trouble, Bolsonaro played his card and exonerated him. 


Musk an avid supporter of Trump falls under the same lobby for many extreme right policies, and as a consequence is a Bolsonaro advocate. Brazil cannot have a CEO from another country throwing his weight around like he has some sort of influence over politics which has nothing to do with him, and quite frankly he cannot understand what happens here in Brazil.

There is much controversy as to how Musk acquired his fortune although it is reported that most of it comes from Tesla shares, Space X, and now Twitter. Elon denies coming from money: i.e., having a rich father who owned an emerald mine in Africa.

A recent online report wrote the following:

I’ll leave you to make your assessment of the case, but if you like me don’t believe everything you read then you can only make judgement calls based on several sources.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Lobby (n) = foyer, vestibule, atrium, entrance, hall, antechamber, porch, entrance hall, reception area

Quite frankly = honestly, used when giving an honest and direct opinion, often one that might upset someone: quite frankly Quite frankly, I think this whole situation is ridiculous.

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