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Make it Up

Atualizado: 24 de abr. de 2023

If you don’t have an answer to a question, some business people say that you should make it up as you go along. In other words, rely on your wits which means improvise to cover your lack of knowledge, or lie to get positive results.

Certainly, many unscrupulous businessmen exploit others by inventing bizarre story lines to make others believe them. They do whatever it takes to take advantage of the situation, and when selling is involved, then telling yarns is all too common.

Tall stories could mean blowing up results achieved from whatever it is being sold. Making out something is better than it really is in terms of performance. Exaggerating the truth to leave leads spellbound that could result in closing deals when the reality is selling under false pretenses.

Deceitfulness then goes against the moral code of integrity. Truthfulness is a quality some abide by, but consequently their results could be inhibited. So, one may ask is exaggeration dishonest, or is it part of the society we live in nowadays?

Bullshit is a common denominator in today’s business world. Chapter 7. ‘BULLSHIT’ from my book “Deeds-2-Improve” is a good introduction into the subject. The link above can be used to buy a softback edition in Brazil, or if you live abroad and want one, send me a message and I’ll arrange for a copy to be delivered to your international address.

Written by Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Rely on one’s wits (phrase) = To survive or make a living through one's intellect and resourcefulness. In other words, a person who has no real job but makes the money that is needed by being clever or dishonest.

Match the words that have the same meaning:

Improvise – Exploit – Take advantage

Make up – Yarns – Bizarre story lines

Invent – Tall stories

Answers will be shown in tomorrow's blog.

Answers to matching words from yesterday’s “Feeling Sorry” blog.

Remorse – regret

Etiquette – custom

Strife – conflict

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