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Mairiporã, SP

Atualizado: 24 de abr. de 2023

Talk about a quick burn into the countryside, and no other than Mairiporã, São Paulo, comes to mind. Its beautiful lakes and scenery help escape the busyness of city life while the 60km round-trip through the forest of Cantareira is pure delight, and well worth visiting by bike.

Add a Yamaha 950cc – ‘cubic capacity’ motorcycle engine and you’ve got everything you need to get into the wild side of life. You heard me correctly, if you like quality time with a mild adrenalin rush then riding early Sunday morning is a great way to start the day off right! I headed off at 8 o’clock towards the Cantareira mountain climb.

Twenty minutes until the start of the dense forest low-rpm-climb up the hill and there was already a queue of cars holding me back. I’m not a racer, but rather a plodder. Even so, the climb was a bit of a struggle until the top. In the beginning, cars were passed until a few moments later when I had passed a white VW Camper "Kombi" in front, which in hindsight must have been carrying a coffin with carcass. Then the road opened up to a smooth uninhibited cruise.

Twisting around the curved lanes was sheer delight while sunny terrain made the trip even more enjoyable. The feeling of freedom with wind flowing endlessly as the motorbike plodded along, the sound of the engine rattling harmoniously, and the constant view of pastel colored nature fulfilled me. Today’s outing’s excitement matched ecstasy!

Incredible views all around and several miles on and the mountain peaks had been reached. The distant sights were breathtaking! Down I rode until finally at the bottom, a long widespread lake all the way on the left side of a dual carriageway was encountered. The five miles or so of bendy freeway were ridden quickly. Then a similar return route but on the other side of the mountains was taken home.

There is nothing like mesmerizing yourself in the choice of hobbies that fulfill inner desires, those that can be reached alone in your free time at your demand subject to availability. Whatever makes you tickle for entertainment shouldn’t be postponed, but rather enjoyed to the maximum.

Written by Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

RPM – revolutions per minute

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