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Litterbugs (beginners)

Atualizado: 7 de nov. de 2022

Today’s English blog for beginner students is about litter.

It doesn’t matter how positive and correct you are, as others may treat the world as a rubbish tip. In other words (i.e.), they may be positive in their view point, but when it comes to ill-treating the rest of the world, they manage easily.

I took my granddaughter by foot down the road to her school. A plastic water bottle was crushed under a small black car’s tire (tyre), as it drove over it in the direction of the highway. Wondering why a large bottle was in the middle of the road saddened me. Plastic pollutes!

Litterbugs are selfish, ignorant, and messy people who couldn’t care a less about their actions which contribute to making the street ugly. It isn’t enough that litter attracts pests and rodents, but it can also cause accidents.

Litter can block and inhibit rain from going into drains. Imagine a banana skin thrown on the pavement. Someone could slip over it. Clearly, litterers are not prepared to respect others or be part of society.

I picked up the broken bottle from the curb and threw it into a close by trash basket. This was my good deed of the day!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Answer the following questions correctly and fully i.e., full sentence answers:

1) What do others easily manage to do according to the first paragraph?



2) Who are litterbugs? ______________________________________


3) What should people do to clean up?



Correct answers will be shared in my future blogs. If you like my blog, please hit the heart below to show some love. If you would like to make an observation, or have any questions or comments go ahead and write in the space provided.

Vocabulary builder:

Rubbish tip (n) = an area of land where people can dump things that are no longer useful or wanted and that are being thrown out.

Litter (n) waste, trash, garbage, refuse. It can also be disorder or a mess

View point (n) = the way things are seen, attitude, position, expectation

ill-treat (v) abusing, harming, ill-using, misusing, neglecting

Highway (n) = a main road, especially one connecting major towns or cities.

Saddened (adj) = distressed, disappointed, dismayed. Troubled, offended

Litterbugs (n) = Litterers, dumpers, fly-tippers, litter lout

Deed (n) = action, feat, act, endeavor, effort

Broken (adj) = smashed, damaged, destroyed

Deed (n) = action, feat, act, endeavor

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