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Feeling invincible is a trait worth having, especially as it helps overcome anxiety over affairs that are hindrances and need to be sorted out without knowing the final outcome.

Your favourite music might have that effect on you. In fact, it should because it stimulates your mood and effectively opens you up to feeling endorphins that rouse comfort.

That good feeling coupled to alertness in your general life, and regard for a better way to grow while respecting those around you and committing wholeheartedly to budding relationships will kindle growth.

But one mustn’t get confused by the statement. A delusion of grandeur is a false belief in one's power or importance. It may be a symptom of a mental health disorder and can cause confusion between what is real and what is not.

I’d rather think of it is a winner instinct that defines the attitude of a winner even if it isn’t the case. It’s really investing your time and effort into one keen to aspire and overcome hurdles.

Relationships aren’t necessarily friends and acquaintances, but rather associations in what you do effectively to stimulate growth by learning intellectually and spiritually.

By making good decisions that include others who are close it also shows your commitment to a better way. Respecting others around you also enhances outcome, as it taps into your inner emotions and honest actions.

Aspire to improve yourself continuously; it isn’t an occasional thing, but rather constant improvements cultivate the invincible attitude. Keep pushing forward while developing wisdom.

Touching another person’s heart brings about change!

Have a truly fantastic day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Hindrances (n) = interferences, interruptions, burdens, deterrents, obstructions

Rouse (v) = stir, provoke, revive, incite, move, awaken, disturb, arouse

Budding (adj) = promising, potential, up-and-coming, nascent, maturing

Kindle (v) = spark, light, burn, ignite, torch, set alight, encourage

Wisdom (n) = understanding, knowledge, sense, insight, perception, astuteness

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