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Hitting your Peak

Staying motivated to stay ahead is paramount if you want to be successful. Conversely motivation and momentum are one dynamic duo. It’s a lot easier to stay motivated than to get motivated again. The same is true for momentum. Maintaining momentum is a picnic compared with restarting it.

Comfortable in your job? Things look healthy? Tempted to ease the throttle and lay back a bit? Pinch yourself! Maybe that’s the reason I keep plodding away and not taking a full vacation. Writing blogs every week during vacations has helped me stay motivated and keeps the momentum going. Not that I’m advocating you shouldn’t take a complete rest. At the end of the day, it suits me, as I still give some classes while travelling and study material is a must.

When you have momentum on your side, keep rolling. You have to learn when not to take a break. You also need to know when trying is utterly useless. Manage your motivation in an energy-efficient way. If you have a knee ache you wouldn’t go on a run, but then if you didn’t and you had some spare time, and felt great, then nothing would stop you from giving it all that you’ve got in a controlled while thoughtful effort.

However, to avoid knee injury avoid over-training, or for that matter training on a damaged knee. That is until you have treated it, and worked back into your exercise routine. Work according to your ability.

I’ve been training all my life since a serious motorcycle accident in 1978. But the same goes for work related efforts. I’m motivated for health reasons due to the injuries sustained, and clear realization that if I don’t look after myself then I could die young without the potential achievements, life offers.

What’s your reasoning? Do you have one? What can help you stay keen and motivated to keep the momentum going?

Wishing you the best!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Conversely (adv) = equally, contrariwise, on the other hand, on the contrary

Momentum (n) = impetus, drive, thrust, energy, motion, force, push, (ant) brake

Advocating (v) = suggesting, encouraging, supporting, promoting, sponsoring, be in favor of, (ant) discouraging


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