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Family Love

One subject most families tend to abide by is family love. So, the story that follows is on par with what many families endure as children grow up, many go their own way while others tend to cling on.

“Don’t compare me with your mum. I live with Jasmin. Her mother, Veronica spends too much time away from home pleasing herself with not enough conditioning to realise her moral obligations, and this stems from getting her own way with your mother who was hell-bent on tearing us apart to “get even” and prove a point.”

John, was pissed off by the scenario which was tapping into his free time, when he could put his feet up on the couch, lay back, and relax watching TV. But the main thing was the psychological effect it would have on the future of the little one. He carried on talking to his wife on the phone.

“What that point is, or was is beyond me. All she needed to do was look after them when we were working because I never remember leaving my daughters and coming back home at 6 or 7 in the morning, and then sleeping until midday.

So please give it a break, and don’t fall victim to your mother’s bullshit tactics of being the victim. Veronica has had delusional dilemmas to deal with since then. Clearly the shrink hasn’t helped, so please don’t try to come over as the master problem solver, as you aren’t.

If your parents hadn’t got involved threatening me to have me arrested for smacking the kids bottoms, guaranteed they would have grown up under our supervision with much better psychological understanding and moral discipline.

I helped Jasmin deal with her mum which she did, and they have just gone out. Jasmin said bye while Veronica ignored me. Strange, as I often help her by convincing Jasmin to respect her mother. Veronica, left without saying a word. Why don’t you talk to her and be the mother you should have been instead of allowing your mum to take over.

I’m not trying to dig, or make you upset, but you’ve always allowed your mother to have the last word.”

The scenario was another day in the family saga that was drawn out over years.

Have a terrific day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

cling on (phrasal verb) = cling to something / cling on to something. ​to be unwilling to lose something or stop doing something.

Hell-bent (adj) = determined

Get even (idiom) = inflict trouble or harm on someone similar to that which they have inflicted on oneself. "I'll get even with you for this." Some people feel the inclination to get even, even if it ruins the lives of others.

Pissed off (idiom) = angry or annoyed, adjective Slang: Vulgar. angry or annoyed.

Delusional (adj) = means characterized by or holding false beliefs or judgments about external reality that are held despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, typically as a symptom of a mental condition.

Drawn out (phrasal verb) = this phrasal verb means lasting or seeming to last longer than is necessary. "A long-drawn-out courtship." Apart from relatively long in duration; tediously protracted. “It was a drawn-out argument.” synonyms: extended, lengthy, prolonged, protracted long.

Something protracted has been drawn out, usually in a tedious way. Protracted things are long and seem like they're never going to end.

Tedious (adj) = boring, dull, deadly, dreary, monotonous, mind-numbing

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