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Element of Doubt

Atualizado: 21 de set. de 2021

When a decision needs to be made there is often an element of doubt. Is the right choice being made? If we had crystal balls then perhaps the answer would be staring us in the face!

Imagine you are unemployed, desperate to get a job and earn an income to support your family. Under such circumstances, probably the first thing that presented itself would encourage you to take it even if it wasn’t very attractive, as if you didn’t then there would be an element of doubt that another job opportunity might not present itself for ages.

In these uncertain times we need to gauge our situation before making drastic choices which could make or break us. What appears to be the correct route to take, might not be. An assessment has to be measured to make an informed decision and the risk ratio to benefit has to be formed. While there is an element of truth in such an argument, we often make decisions based on the moment, known as split decisions.

Split decisions are decisions that must be made in an instant, a split-second decision to jump on the already moving train for example. If a person has no money to survive then any established employment position has to be worth considering, and whereby during an interview an employer offers the job, putting it off or asking for time to consider it could mean losing it.

By taking the job, and then considering more appropriate options would be a more realistic approach. Keep options open, and if needed decline it after carefully considering others positions. The key then is to not only apply for many jobs, but consider taking up a self-employed business opportunity that could supplement resources. Working out what the market is lacking, or a service in demand could be the answer.

Job seekers should rack their brain by thinking very hard to discover alternative strategies while solving problems.

Written by Carl Boniface

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