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Eating Out

Nowadays eating out offers international cuisine in cities around the world. So, whether you are in Paris, London, or New York you are likely to find the right food that suits your palate.

From Persian cuisine, Brazilian, Indian, German. Asian, Chinese, or Japanese to South Korean there are many options to choose from. If you live in a suburb, restaurants are popping up. Many offer a take-away (delivery) service which is an alternative method to sell more meals and increase sales. In fact, since the covid-pandemic many people prefer to order out. For cloud restaurants, those that don’t have tables and chairs, they’re catering exclusively for this on the rise market.

Good food comes at a price. Eating out is more expensive than eating at home, but often people can’t be bothered to cook which takes time and effort. After a busy day’s work, the incentive to cook might be low, so that could be behind this new trend.

Feeling sated (fully satisfied) is a bonus and keeps you going, especially if you are on a shopping spree in the city. Eating snacks in between adds extra unwanted calories to your daily regime.

Luckily modern times with larger populations encourage creativity to find ways to cater for a growing demand.

Have a terrific day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Popping up (phrasal verb) = appear or occur suddenly. Materialize all of a sudden. "These memories can pop up from time to time."

Bothered (adj) = worried, concerned, troubled, upset, anxious. tense

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