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Café in Dubai

Coach opens first Middle East Café at Bloomingdale's Dubai. The space is decked out entirely in yellow gold and is inspired by sunset over New York. Coach also opened its first café in Singapore in May of this year.

The Coach Cafe pop-up, which is on until September 20, is the first of its kind in the Middle East. American fashion house Coach has opened its first pop-up cafe in the Middle East, at Bloomingdale's in Dubai Mall.

Coach Cafe is decked out entirely in yellow gold, the same colour as the neighboring Coach pop-up store inspired by sunset over New York, the city where the brand was founded in 1941. Celebrating the so-called golden hour when the light turns golden as the sun drops, the walls and furniture are painted in a variety of yellow hues.

Staying with the New York theme, the menu features cheesecakes, jar desserts and choux pastry, plus hot chocolate, coffee and even a turmeric latte to match the walls. Savory diner fare will be introduced over the next few weeks.

The counter, meanwhile, is decorated with the Coach logo – joined capital Cs in tones of mustard on tan. The café is filled with limited-edition leather goods curated exclusively for Coach Cafe.

The all-yellow interior of both spaces echoes a recent online campaign called ‘Bring the Sun with You’, featuring pieces in similar tones. Deliberately bright and uplifting, the collection features classic shoulder bags in a cheery shade of golden yellow.

Building on its New York heritage, Coach often makes bold statements, of which the all-yellow cafe is the latest iteration. In June, for example, it staged a pop-up inside a real aircraft in Malaysia to show its Coach Airways Collection, which featured a range of travel-friendly pieces.

Coach New York, commonly known as Coach, is an American luxury fashion house specializing in leather handbags, luggage, and accessories, as well as ready-to-wear.

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Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Pop-up café (n) = temporary venue location i.e., for a limited time only. Great way to promote your brand.

Hues (n) = types, kinds, sorts, descriptions, manners, varieties, shades, tones, tints

Choux pastry (n) = a cooked paste or light dough containing eggs, water or milk, butter, and flour that puffs up when baked into a nearly hollow shell, used to make éclairs, profiteroles, cream puffs, and other filled pastries. Unlike puff pastry that uses fat to puff up in volume, pâte à choux relies upon the high-water content in eggs as leavening to steam open the paste.

Echoes (n) = reverberations, resonances, repeats, booms, ricochets. rebounds

Cheery (adj) = happy, jolly, joyful, smiling, cheerful, merry, jovial

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