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Bringing Out Leadership Qualities

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

Today’s blog has been brought to you to master next generation needs for an improved lifestyle. It isn’t that we aren’t doing well, but we can do better. In a world full of hardship, we owe it to ourselves to become better leaders of our own destiny.

There are millions starving, others living in poverty, jobless others, and under today’s difficult times it makes us wonder what went wrong. Bad governmental management, greed, and violence are consequences of challenging demands. Financial advisers recommending insincere investments. Property salesman selling pretend rentability on properties that they can’t fill with tenants. On top of it, employees struggle to make ends meet, business owners get caught up in overheads they can’t afford to pay, and inflation is eating any profits on the horizon. All in all, most of us are coping, however, we struggle to survive and lead the quality lifestyle we all dream about!

We weren’t born leaders, but we do have natural leadership qualities. To enhance them we need to unleash ourselves to accomplish greatness. Being the leader of our own destiny then can shape us to: take control of our life, fend for others, and contribute towards a better world in which to live. Having the power from within might seem farfetched, but I can assure my students that the time has come to take it to the next level.

Abundance is living true wealth and having the security to go to bed and fall to sleep immediately, wake up refreshed and trouble free, work from true passion while making every moment count, have the strength to overcome challenges, keep as opposed to waste, spend wisely, be gifted from living the dream, grow tirelessly, improve endlessly, and thrive. A true leader knows the value of such qualities. The following list should point disciples in the right direction:

1. Going to bed to fall to sleep immediately without reservations is bliss. Living the dream will provide such circumstances, as long as eating healthily, exercising regularly, and understanding your commitments are understood.

2. Waking up refreshed and trouble free is a consequence of sleep control. Once you get your daily activities under control, and aspire to a healthy lifestyle the rest will fall into place.

3. Working from true passion while making every moment count is massive, as it provides the impetus to stimulate growth. However, to achieve such a state step one is the backbone. Work is an extension of your personality, so engross yourself and aspire to greatness.

4. Having the strength to overcome challenges is challenging. The faint hearted might come up with excuses to snub this one. Moreover, obstacles will be all too forthcoming to dislodge the exertion to succeed. The key then is expecting and ignoring them while plodding on until answers are found.

5. Keeping as opposed to wasting means keeping up with what is going on around. Staying abreast of what your body needs both mentally and physically to promote healthiness while increasing productivity levels to have the energy to overcome hurdles in any form, shape, or size. Dealing with adversity is mindset.

6. Spending wisely means not buying things for the sake of it. Try to avoid purchasing on credit unless it’s a home, as outstanding debt incurs interest which eats away at potential savings.

7. Be gifted from living the dream. Make sure your journey encapsulates desire to stride forward by understanding life is not only real, but surreal in that our spiritual awareness allows us to channel otherworldly energy streams which make us complete!

8. Grow tirelessly by accepting the challenge and making a continued effort to keep improving results, and then appreciating the strength of your actions. Reward yourself generously!

9. Improve endlessly and keep learning, applying knowledge, and aspiring to a greater cause.

10. Thrive by improving continually and consistently.

Having a system to bring out leadership qualities is responsible for improved immune health and wellbeing, fighting depression and coping with stress, and helping overcome a number of health issues while creating the mindset to grow abundantly.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Tenants (n) = occupants, renters, residents, lodgers, occupiers

Unleash (v) = uncheck, release, set free, give a free rein to, let loose, (ant) keep under control

Farfetched (adj) = unbelievable, phantastic, fantastic, implausible, mindboggling, fanciful

Reservations (n) = worries, doubts, questions, uncertainties, issues, difficulties, fears

Presides (v) = leads, chairs, controls, supervises, heads, directs, reigns

Bliss (n) = ecstasy, heaven, happiness, paradise, pleasure

Backbone (n) = support, spine, prop, mainstay, pillar, strength

Engross (v) = absorb, captivate, occupy, engage, involve, (ant) bore

Faint (adj) = weak, dim, feeble, unclear, hazy, distant

Snub (n) rebuff, rejection, rebuke, brushoff, insult, humiliation, ignore

Dislodge (v) = remove, extricate, free, displace, dislocate, get out, (ant) wedge

For the sake of (idiom) = in the interest of (in other words not buying on impulse, using once, and then letting the item or service turn to dust, as compulsive shoppers spend hard earned cash which could be put to better use).

Incurs (v) = experiences, suffers, sustains, bring upon yourself, lay yourself open to

Otherworldly (adj) = ghostly, ethereal, weird, eerie, wraithlike, strange, unhuman, uncanny, (ant) human

Thrive (v) = flourish, prosper, succeed, blossom, grow well, be healthy, (ant) deteriorate, fail

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