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Brand Recognition

Togetherness means a lot to shoppers. More so today than ever before, especially when a customer likes a brand and stands by the quality of manufactured goods or services that are provided.

One such brand that comes to mind is Yamaha, a Japanese company that first started producing upright pianos in 1900. Almost 50 years later in 1949 listed its shares on the stock market, and then in 1955 launched its motorcycle brand and has never looked back. Brands like Yamaha are truly inspirational ones’ that have spent years perfecting the way they put their technology together, each minute detail to bring an inspiring product to the market, and customer service support second to none.

As a custom cruiser rider, Yamaha’s Midnight Star 950cc motorcycle, sold in Brazil until 2015, took my fancy. I had the pleasure to buy one of the last brand-new models, and since my purchase have really enjoyed the riding experience around São Paulo’s countryside. In fact, every time it is ridden, my passion comes alive while forty-five years is knocked off my age!

To cut a long story short, after 18,000 miles, the warranty had expired. Then one day my Yamaha broke down. The bike was taken to a dealership to analyze the problem. They wanted almost as much as the bike’s second-hand value to fix it. One of the axle ball bearings had come out of its socket which caused a ricocheted effect with other internal crankcase parts causing a range of damaged parts. I called Yamaha SAC, told the lady who listened concerningly, and a few weeks later received an e-mail saying the repair would be done out of courtesy.

There is never too much that can be done to leave customers and clients’ content. One key benefit of good customer service is recommendations to boost sales. Sales are what makes a company grow. The fact that Yamaha listened to my story of buying my first Yamaha RD250cc in 1978 must have resonated with their marketing strategy that showed my true satisfaction with their brand. That’s brand recognition at its best!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Togetherness (n) = closeness, intimacy, devotedness, friendship, inseparability, inseparableness, attachment, (ant) estrangement união

Minute (adj) = not to be confused with time, this word is used like miniature, tiny, minuscule, little, small, (ant) enormous minucioso

Concerningly (adv) = worryingly, out of concern a respeito

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