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Blocking Stress

If life was easy then everyone would be sailing through with plenty of wind to blow the flow. The reality is when gusts of wind are scarce and the tide is pulling you in the opposite direction then you are being held back. It is like someone is pulling you under, and a storm is making your life feel like it is totally out of control.

Blocking out stress is easier said than done. When it comes and burden sets in, some other negative force is felt, and everything seems to be spiraling out of control. This is a moment for reflection. A time when you need to understand the negative forces of life are trying to get the better of you. You can let it eat you inside, feel sorry for yourself, and die. Or you can take control, overcome the negative energy, and get back on a winning role.

Yes, it is exactly the way you position yourself, in your mind while allowing the negativity to possess your stress. What a mess you could be in, if you allow it. The stress has hit a nerve. Instead of treating the nerve, you succumb to it by feeling sorry for yourself. Get a grip, take out your whip, and flog the pain. Flogging a dead horse would usually be a waste of time, but in such pain, and by breaking the negativity of your gut instincts you can turn the situation around to positive vibrations.

Our mind can be a powerful tool to overcome atrocities that plague our thought process. We have the strength and ability to have FREEDOM. We can develop the mind to have unlimited power. Every individual one of us needs to have a serious conversation with ourself to come to the conclusion that we are greater than the situation we are living in.

Obviously, we have individual circumstances to deal with, but when we envisage our predicament, it is solely controlled by our emotional tolerance. In other words, we can choose how to cope under the circumstances. Underneath I have given you an example:

After working thirteen years at the same company, your boss calls you into his office, and fires you. Clearly, you would be gutted. It would be understandable to feel devastated after being committed for so long. It makes clear sense to be worried about the situation you are now in, and obviously you have responsibilities such as financial obligations that need to be met. The embarrassment of not being wanted and the fact that others may have contributed to the reasoning why you were sacked in the first place. How are you going to get a new job?

Mark was also fired. Straightaway, he said to his manager, “That’s brilliant! Now I’ve got some free time to get a better job.” He stood up, and shook his manager’s hand. “You are so kind; I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!”

Mark saw the good side of the situation. He realized, life isn’t what happens to you, but rather what you do with the situation you are in. He chose to make the most of the tight spot by understanding the power within his unlimited mind.

Everything is the way you see it. See it in a way that is optimal for your future. Embrace the opportunity!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Flow (n) = movement, current, stream, drift, tide, course, run

Gusts (n) = blast of air, breezes, drafts, draughts, squalls, gust of air

Scarce (adj) = rare, uncommon, unusual, infrequent, threatened, occasional, (ant) common

Burden (n) = load, weight, cargo, problem, drain, incumbrance, encumbrance, affliction, liability

Spiraling (n) = strengthening, increase, rise, escalation, growth, amplification, (ant) reduction Get a grip (v) = calm down, get hold of yourself, compose yourself, control yourself, chill out

Whip (n) = lash, belt, rod, cat-o’-nine-tails, and used to thrash, beat, lash

Flog (v) = is the action of whipping, lashing, beating, thrashing

No point of flogging a dead horse (idiom) = a dead horse can’t move, so hitting it hard won’t make any difference

Gut instincts (idiom) = an instinctive feeling, as opposed to an opinion or idea based on facts. For all the wonders of modern technology, there is no substitute for the gut instinct of a skilled police officer.

Fires (v) = dismisses, sacks, cans, throws out, lay off, get rid of

Gutted (adj) = devastated, shattered, heartbroken, distraught, cleaned, disemboweled

Straightaway (adv) = immediately, instantly, forthwith, straight off, right away, at once, like a shot

Chose (v) = selected, picked, took, indicated, elected, cherry-picked, decide on, pick out, go for, vote for

Embrace (n) = hold, hug, grip, encirclement, squeeze, cuddle, clinch, comprise, contain

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