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A Good Attitude

As an English teacher I get to teach English to foreigners worldwide. Being based in Brazil for many years has given me a lot of knowledge and experience, as well as many ups and downs in business. Overall, having a passionate temperament and determination to succeed has empowered me to build solid rapports with my students.

Firstly, the objective is to earn an income that provides sustenance of basic amenities needed to survive. Then to try and live life well while supporting my family household. Actually, earning enough has always been a drawback, as overheads, food, and necessities need supplementary revenue to booster meeting outgoings. Fortunately, my wife who also works has contributed regularly to monthly expenses!

It is challenging to make enough money each month to respect those commitments, but touch wood currently my head is above water. In other words, making the effort to prosper usually ends up overcoming any hardships and consequently meeting such demands.

There is no easy path in this world. We are all able to muster positive responses from stretching to grow. By taking strides forward we open ourselves up to possibilities. Taking action by studying, provides stimulus to reach higher levels. There are no guarantees, but what is clear; taking daily steps to accomplish goals will enhance outcome.

Though there are no secrets to a life of abundance, by learning new habits and applying them it is a logical consequence that objectives will be reached.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Rapports (n) = relationships, understandings, bonds, links, affinities, connections, empathies, fellowships

Sustenance (n) =nourishment, nutrition, food, fuel, wherewithal (means/resources/finances)

Amenities (n) = facilities, services, conveniences, comforts, features

Touch wood (idiom) = said after a confident or positive statement, to express a hope for one's good luck to continue. "I haven't been banned yet, touch wood." (syn) hope for the best, cross one’s fingers

Above water (idiom) = stay out of trouble, especially financial difficulties; also, keep up with work or other demands. For example, “With new bills coming in every day they're barely keeping their heads above water”, or “The work's piling up, but I manage to keep my head above water.” This expression alludes to keeping oneself from drowning.

Muster (v) = gather, collect, assemble, rally, marshal, get together

Stimulus (n) = incentive, spur, inducement, impetus, provocation, motivation, incitement

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